Pam Davis: born and raised in Indianapolis,Indiana, began her professional singing career at age 17 she joined a nine-piece band and
recorded two album produced by Wayne Henderson of the Jazz Crusaders.
Along a well-traveled road - such as the one that Rosa herself might have traveled-Pam became tired of living out of living out of a suitcase.
She began to sing only now and then, when she wanted to. With this play,
Pam makes her acting debut. As she makes preparations to land an agent,
she admits: I Kind of like this acting thing."
Hank Jacobs: studies at both the Berkeley School of Music in Boston and the New England Conservatory, along with being under the watchful
eye of concert pianist Joseph Taylor, helped shape Hank's jazz/ blues background. In his early years as a musician, the organ became his
Instrument of choice and it has served him and his listeners well throughout the San Diego and Boston areas. Now the keyboards take
him musically to the places he wants to go. After "Travis," two other projects are in the works
including a seven-character, three-act blues piece "Ella Mae's Blues Room",written by Michael Darrell. The Jacobs-Darrell duo will also team up for an
upcoming album for Sharp records out of Atlanta, GA All music was recorded and mixed at NSP Studios in Lynwood, CA
recording, mixing and mastering chores were handled by,Arthur G. Wright,who also served as sound engineer and consultant for live erformances
of the show.


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